At Manning Valley Legal and Conveyancing we can assist you in relation to:

  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Leasing
  • Residential land
  • Strata title, Neigbourhood Associations and other Community titles
  • Subdivisions and property development
  • Commercial properties, and offices
  • Rural properties
  • Torrens title or Old Systems Title
  • Transmission Applications

If you’re a busy person, and let’s face it – who isn’t?, please go to our on-line instruction sheet on the “Contact Us” tab, and a representative of this firm will call you back within 24 hours if your enquiry is made on a weekday or first thing Monday morning if your enquiry is made over the weekend.

Our conveyancing clerk, Kristie Dawes JP, is a very experienced conveyancer who can give your matter expert attention who will ensure your matter also has the oversight of an experienced lawyer.